Technology slaughter Stunning and debleedning, Slaughtering conveyors, Scalding and dehairing, Cleaning and sterilization, Skinning, Processing platforms, Accessories

Overhead conveyor systems Shock chilling, Carcass storeroom, Carcasses dispatch and acceptance, Rotary turnout (coming back), Overhead conveyor systems at the cutting lines, Empty hooks transport system

Processing lines Company WAMMA through years of experience in slaughter technology have worked out and introduced several solutions and machines. Installing those machines enables for improving slaughter process and keeping all hygienic norms.

By-products Vacuum transport of waste, Wastes dewatering, Blood in the slaughter house

Hooks Hooks, Gambrels, Fetters, Hangers, Others

Hygienic equipment Washbasins; multi-Washbasins; fluid dispenser and paper towels batcher; waste bins, racks for ragbag; sterilizers; aprons washer; boots washer; hygiene control station; cloakrooms, drainages

Transport and storing Trolleys for stuffing, smoking trolleys, platform trolleys, trolley for hooks, knife boxes trolleys

Forms Blanching press towers, Minitowers, Grid forms, Forms for roasting

Hydraulic tipplers and scissor elevators Hydraulic trippler is meant for partial or complete unloading standard 200 l trolleys .

Industrial equipment Drainages, rails, wall decoration